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The Plastirey Success Story

From the 1985's to the America's market

In the year of 1985, Plastirey was established in Monterrey México. The first production site had one 100 ton injection machine manufacturing industrial parts. Their start-up capital comprises courage, diligence, an inexpensively produced injection molding machine, as well as technical creativity and intelligence, which remains unrivalled to this day. And so the Plastirey success story begins...

1985 – Operations started in Monterrey, México with injection molding process.
1991 – Mold manufacturing and maintenance.
1992 – Injection blow molding process incorporated, starting bottle manufacturing.
1994 – Extrusion blow molding.
1995 – Market presence in USA and Canada.
1996 – Silk Screening process.
2010 – Flexible tube process.
2011 - Market presence in Central, South America and Caribbean.
2012 – Quality standard ISO9000:2008 achieved
2018 – Plant facility new expansion
2019 – Multilayer Extrusion Machine – PCR – Disc Top Closures
2021 – New PET Bottles Portfolio