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Flexible Tubes
Plastirey produces high quality plastic packaging, serving small, medium & large national and international companies in the cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical, industrial & cosmetic and industrial segments. A company whose values are the constant concern with the social and the ecological, both in structure and in its activities and products. Sustainability, innovation and design prevail at Plastirey, which has the most modern industrial park in Latin America for extruded Plastic Tubes and special products of plastic injection production. Among the packaging options available for the cosmetic segment, the Tube is the best one. It has the lower proportion of raw material use per pack volume, low development cost, the lowest packaging volume on the shelf, the fewest components. The Tube is already finished and ready. Just pack it and sell it. Know Plastirey and discover a world of possibilities for your product and for a better world.

• Mono layer and Co-extrusion layers.
• Picture quality flexography process.
• Tamper evident induction foil seal
• Flip top cap alignment to art.

The cosmetics segment has been Plastirey main focus. Due to the strong commercial appeal that the package represents for product offering in this sector, the use of Flexible Plastic Tubes has been increasing and consolidating its position as the best option for cream packaging, gels or liquids. Know the differential that Plastirey has to offer for your cosmetic product.

Flexibe Tubes