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Injection Molding (IM) Caps and Jars
Critical to every package is how it is sealed — and we can seal it for you. Plastirey specializes in both single and multi-piece dispensing and non-dispensing caps and fitments for all markets from personal care, to food, Beverage and industrial markets. We are also quite proud of our ability to manufacture custom, injection-molded plastic closures and related components to the highest quality, exacting standards and offer you complete packaging options. We Care.

Custom-made shapes
• Hinged lids
• Two-part caps
• Round lids
• Caps for safety packaging

Standard Caps
• Press Disc Caps
• Flip Top Caps
• Tube Top Caps
• Special Clau™ Cap
• Full TE SaN™ Cap
• Fitments for Flexible Packages Boni™
• Jar Caps

Top Disc™ Caps
Ideal for personal care products, Top Disc closures provide simple elegance paired with functional design.
• Simple & Easy, one-handed dispensing
• Broad variety portfolio of designs and sizes to accommodate product families
• Multi-color options for eye-catching appearance
• Glossy finish

Flip Top Caps
Widely used in the personal care and household markets, Flip Top caps provide advanced functionality and accommodate a broad spectrum of dispensing closure needs.
• Simple & Easy, one-handed dispensing
• Clog resistant orifice
• Glossy finish
• Biased hinge keeps lid out of way during use
• Flat lid designs for package inversion option
• Different neck finishes compatible with a wide range of standard bottles
• Mono injected caps for multiple color combinations

Top Tube™ Caps
Tube Tops Cap offer one-hand convenience for tubes and inverted packaging.
• Extensive range of sizes and finishes guarantee maximum flexibility in all markets
• Variety of orifice diameters accommodate wide range of product viscosities
• One-hand dispensing convenience

Special Clau™ Cap
Ideal to be used in the variety market´s, this technology combines the well-known push-pull paradigm with a flat top surface to use as an inverted package
• One hand closing
• Two colors possible

Full TE SaN™ Cap
SaN™ has a market accepted full tamper evidence to the bottle neck finish & the lid, hygienic flip-top properties, easy to open and close for both consumers.
• 28-400 neck Finish
• Filling Standard: Cold/ambient
• Linner capable
• Material: PP

Fitments for Flexible Packages Boni™
Ideal to be used in the variety of markets, such as Personal care, Home care, Food & Beverage Plastirey develop a one-piece dispensing fitment that make it convenient. Both pouch fitments bring ease of use and a more controlled dispense to the flexible packaging market.
• One handed convenience
• Convenient flip lid for easy open and close
• External tamper evident tear band

Jar Tear Band Caps
Tear Band Jar Cap add a whole new level of convenience to jar packaging in several market fields. These tear band jar cap are easy to open, making jar packaging more consumer-friendly than ever before.
• Liner capable and Tear Band.
• Wide mouth opening provides quick, clean access
• Simple to use: ergonomic finger recess for easy opening
• Perfect for thicker body care, facial care or hair products